Video Inspection Services

Video Inspection Services

Storm & Sanitary Sewer CCTV Inspections

Video Inspection

National Vacuum’s sewer video inspection equipment utilizes full-color, 360° pan and tilt remote crawl cameras. Used alone or in conjunction with our sewer cleaning equipment, these cameras can crawl through the pipe, inspecting the cleaning work and/or the condition of the pipe and manholes along the way. Any deviations in the pipe condition can be photographed instantly.

Video recording equipment is contained in a vehicle and controlled by an operator who will narrate and record the inspection as it is being performed. Upon completion of the work, an inspection report can be generated onsite and can be provided in VHS or DVD format.

System Mapping & Locating

As the camera proceeds through a pipe, its location can be found by transmitting a signal to a receiver at the above-ground location. This can be especially useful in areas where site drawings are not up-to-date or non-existent. As-built drawings can then be updated with the new information provided.

Vessel, Pipe & Appurtenances Inspections

Video inspection can be a valuable tool where human inspection is not possible due to hazardous conditions or inaccessibility, such as small diameter pipes, boiler tubes, condenser pipes, or hazardous atmospheres in tanks. National Vacuum utilizes various size cameras and probes that can be positioned into restricted areas and tight spaces offering close-up and 360° viewing.