Sewer Cleaning & Bypass Pumping

Sewer Cleaning & Bypass Pumping

Storm, Sanitary & Process Line Flushing

National Vacuum flushes lines using either a sewer flusher or a sewer flusher/vacuum combination (combo) unit. These machines work by flushing out sediments and debris with a high-volume pressurized flow of water. The flushing head propels itself through the pipeline with rearward facing jets and cleans and flushes the debris backward as it proceeds. The debris can then be allowed to flow downstream or vacuumed from the manhole with the combo unit. The truck can later be off-loaded at an alternate location. We typically use these units in conjunction with our video inspection equipment to complete the entire project.

Off-Road Flushing

Sewer Cleaning

National Vacuum is also equipped with portable off-road flushing units to be used in conjunction with the sewer flusher or sewer flusher/vacuum combo units. These all-terrain units are capable of accessing the off-road sections of sewer lines and manholes, which are inaccessible for the sewer flusher or sewer flusher/vacuum combo units. These off-road units are used mostly in rural or wooded areas, wetlands, narrow alleys, storm culverts, and inside industrial or manufacturing facilities.

Root Removal & Cleaning

National Vacuum’s sewer flushing trucks can also be used to remove roots that have infiltrated cracks and seams in pipes. Over time, these roots begin to slow or completely stop flow, leading to costly backups and flooding. A hydraulic rotating cutting blade is inserted into the pipe and cuts the roots away as it proceeds down the pipe. Once removed, the roots can then be flushed and vacuumed from the pipe.

Mechanical Bucket Machine Cleaning

Another method of sewer cleaning uses a pair of mechanically powered cable winches that pull a bucket or pulverizing slitter back and forth between manholes to remove or cut out debris that is too heavy or hard to remove with standard flushing trucks. As the material is pulled out, our vacuum trucks can vacuum out the bucket for off-loading at an alternate location. This method is also extremely effective for sewers where bypass pumping is not practical.

Sewer Plugging & Bypass Pumping

National Vacuum has a wide selection of various sized sewer plugs which, when inflated, temporarily stop flow during work. Our large volume pumps are then set up to divert the flow downstream to another manhole while cleaning and video inspection work is performed.

Manual Sewer Cleaning

Because all of our employees are trained in Confined Space Entry, we have the equipment and know-how to enter a manhole or large pipes to remove oversized debris, perform inspections, and repair damage.

Smoke, Dye & Pressure Testing Lines

Sometimes it is necessary to test sewer and pipelines to check for flow, flow direction, leak points, and pressure requirements. National Vacuum has the ability, tools, equipment, and experience required to perform all of these tests and assist the customer with possible solutions.